5 Ways To Avoid Overthinking

Overthinking is a result of one of the most complex emotions we have to deal with as humans, and that emotion is FEAR. Fear steals your peace and leaves you down and out, and this is even before anything has happened. As some have eluded to mean False Evidence Appearing Real, cripples us by making us worry about something that has not even happened yet. Our minds go into overdrive, worrying and fearing something that has not even taken place. Going into overdrive puts us into overthinking every minute detail, pondering as to what can go wrong and the many ways it can go wrong. Here are some nuggets on how to avoid overthinking and reclaim peace over your life.

1.Live one day at a time.

We tend to think and plan about the future so much that we forget that the present is happening. By relegating ourselves now and worrying about the future, we mess it all up before it even happens. Understand that tomorrow is a gift that is not a promise to any of us, so make the most of the time you have today. Going into overdrive thinking about the future does not secure it. Overthinking the future doesn’t help because of the things that will happen tomorrow we cannot control. To avoid overthinking, take each day as it comes, see the gifts in what you already have, and trust that things will work out eventually in the end.

2. Act on your worries.

Overthinking also happens in relationships. We worry about what the other person is thinking, and we stress ourselves trying to figure out a way to make things right or know where their mind is. The best way to learn anything is to find out. Communication will inform you if there is anything to worry about at all. Find out from the person how they feel and take things from there. Overthinking is crippling. Most of us take suffering without actually taking action on the things that are putting our minds into overdrive. Make that call to get clarification, send that email, that text, do whatever you can to try and set your mind at ease instead of just stewing over things.

3. Focus on what you can control

Suppose there is anything that constantly reminds us that we are not in control in a situation where our peace and stillness are dependent on someone else. When you overthink, nothing at that point about the problem eats away at us further. As difficult as it is, you have to focus on what you can control. You can manage your actions and what happens around you. Focus on those things that bring you peace and stillness. In some situations, no matter how much we mull over them, there is no solution to overthinking. Instead, focus on those things that you can control.

4. Face your fears

As mentioned earlier, overthinking fuels your fears. For as long as you do not deal with your worries, they will drive you up the wall into overthinking. Most people fear abandonment, so they refuse to face the other person. Overthinking will kick in, robbing them of their joy and peace. No matter how much they overthink, they can only find the solution once they confront their fear. Ignoring your fears or brushing them off will not bring peace. The issue can be dormant for a while, but you are right back where you started when something triggers you. So the best way to avoid overthinking is to deal with your fears before they deal with you.

5. Find ways to unwind.

Overthinking affects our mental health. It can make you question your decisions, and you can forget who you are at the core. It is essential to find ways to remind yourself of who you are so that overthinking does not become your identity. People have different ways to unwind and remind themselves of who they are; others read scripture, others meditate, go to the gym, speak affirmations, run, yoga. There are several ways available. No way is better than the other. Just pick one that will remind you of who you are to think clearly and make sound decisions that make you proud. Your mental health is just as important as your physical health. Overthinking can lead to more severe conditions such as anxiety, panic attacks, and depression. Thus, nipping overthinking in the bud, choosing the way of peace can improve your overall lifestyle.

The solutions suggested here are comprehensive, and they are not easy to do, but anything worthwhile in life takes some effort. When you put effort into your mental wellness, you are guaranteed to lead a peaceful life. This does not mean that you will not face challenges but that they will not defeat you because you know how to avoid the trap of overthinking.



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