Creativity Comes From the Spiritual Realm| Daily Meditation-January 23, 2022

Today’s Quotation:

Creativity comes from the spiritual realm, the collective consciousness.  And the mind is in a different realm than the molecules of the brain. The brain is a receiver, not a source.

Candace Pert

Today’s Meditation:

I love being creative, but I find that my creativity is somewhat limited when I try to force things.  When I try to make things come out a certain way, a different part of my brain seems to be “in charge,” trying to create something that I want to see–in my preconceived notion–rather than what wants to come out of me.  It’s a control issue, in many ways.

I understand it, though–when I was in school, all my art teachers told me that what I drew needed to look exactly like the object I was drawing.  I was very hard on myself when my artistic “creations” didn’t look just like a rose or a house or a tree or a mountain.  There didn’t seem to be a lot of room for letting things happen on their own–it seemed that I had to make them happen in certain ways.

As time has passed, I’ve found that I can be much more creative by relaxing and trying to let things flow through me.  I’ve learned that when I do this, I can accept things that I do or say or write much more easily, and I can enjoy the process much more.

I’ve also learned that there doesn’t have to be a finished product that I can share with others when I just allow the creativity to happen.  I can have creative thoughts without writing them down, and I can dream up creative images without capturing them on paper or canvas.

Questions to ponder:

1. What do you consider to be “creativity”?

2. In what ways do you work to develop your creative side?  How do you exercise it and help it to grow?

3. Have you ever tried to let something “happen through you” rather than try to make it happen through your own will?  How did it feel?

For further thought:

If you are seeking creative ideas, go out walking. Angels whisper to us when we go for walks.

Raymond Inman

Credit: Living Life Fully

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