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Shared Heart ColumnHeartfulness March 2022with Joyce and Barry Vissell

“Helping the People of Ukraine”

I am quite sure that you, along with millions of humans on the planet now, are heartsick over the invasion of Ukraine. It is horrifying to see the innocent Ukrainian citizens (some of whom are children), being killed in this conflict. We are all wishing that we could do something to help. Yes, we could send money and that is good, but not all people have the means to send money. But there is a powerful way in which each one of us can help on a daily basis, and we need to help.
In 1986, Barry and I attended a ten-day retreat at the White Eagle Lodge outside of London, England. We had been studying the White Eagle teachings for years, and it was a thrill for us to actually be at their center and study under the two women who helped found the White Eagle Lodge along with their mother.
Partway through the week, we were introduced to a group of older members of the lodge. These elders had survived World War 2 while living in London. At that time, the Lodge was located in London. They told us about their experiences during the war. First of all, London was in a state of crisis with bombs going off at all hours, and everyone needed to rush to a bomb shelter when the siren warned them. These members decided that they would meet each Monday evening and sit together sending out light for peace. Each and every Monday they would come together under great personal sacrifice because it was dangerous. They did this as they knew that sending out the light was powerful and would help.
The elders described an evening in which there were bombs going off all around them. They continued to sit in their circle silently and concentrate on sending out light, rather than evacuate to the nearest bomb shelter. They felt that there was no more important thing that they could be doing. There was much destruction, including neighboring buildings being hit by bombs, creating shock waves that shook their building, but they were all safe in the lodge, and the lodge was never harmed throughout the war. Each of these dear sweet English elders told us that the work of sending out the light is so important and powerful and has a very positive effect. They have continued every Monday since. They pick out troubled spots in the world and direct the light there.
What does it mean to send out the light?  How does one do that? Sending out light is a very simple practice and it is not religious in any manner. A person of any religion, as well as a person who has no affiliation to any spiritual path or religion, would feel comfortable doing this. It is simply necessary to recognize that light is a powerful energy. With eyes closed, imagine that there is a bright light above your head, and with your breath imagine inhaling that light into the top of your head and allowing it to go down into the area of your heart. Then as you exhale you are imagining the light shining out from your heart.
In the current case of the trouble in Ukraine, visualize the country and its people surrounded in the protection of this light. And then continue this for as long as you are able. Even just a few minutes of doing this practice can be so powerful. If you have trouble doing this visualization, just keep trying. Remind yourself that this is one of the most powerful things you can be doing for the people of Ukraine. If you want, you can end this time of sending out the light with a prayer of protection for them.
Doing this practice is a lot better than being glued to the news and watching all of the events of the invasion. It is a lot better than going on social media and reading all of the stories of Ukraine. Doing this practice is such a positive thing to do. Imagine if millions of people were doing it all over the world. You could sit with your children and teach them this simple practice and share as a family. You could ask to begin a business meeting with a few moments of silence for Ukraine. Remember, everyone is concerned about this crisis. Everyone wants to help in some way. This practice just takes a few minutes. If you are at home trying to place a call and are put on hold, you could do this practice as you sit and wait. The opportunities are numerous and the benefit is very profound. The light is powerful and can overcome the darkness. Please take time every single day to send out the light. Together we can all help these dear people of Ukraine.

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“If we’re running away from love because of a feeling of unworthiness, then we need to stop and remember who we are: children of the Creator, sons, and daughters of the light, rightful heirs to all the love and power of the universe.” –Risk To Be Healed, p. 121.

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April 7-10
Living from the Heart  (3-day retreat here at our Home-Center near Santa Cruz, CA) For individuals and couples wanting to open their hearts to more love. Limited to the first 12 people to sign up.

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(3-day retreat here at our Home-Center near Santa Cruz, CA) For couples wanting even more love and connection in their relationship. Limited to the first 6 couples to sign up.

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