July 14, 2020
our own home

History of our Home circa 2008

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Going Back in Time

Back in January 2008, we decided it was more than past due for us to purchase our own home. We had rented our whole marriage mainly because we didn’t feel we could afford to buy our own home. I had worked really hard to get our finances in order and we both decided what could it hurt to look.

My husband had been running a home daycare for 8 years, and I was self-employed as an owner of a country store online. Financially we felt it would work out fine.

There weren’t many houses in our area that fit within our budget. There was one home that we tried for, looking back I am glad we didn’t get it as it would have been more than we could reasonably afford. When we decided that wasn’t the one, we continued to look. After looking at what seemed like a lot of ‘dumps’ and one that was not a dump but just not what we were looking for, my husband saw a for sale sign on a house outside of town. From the front, it didn’t look like it was very big.

our Home
“Fire room” before moving in.

We still had one son in his Junior year of high school, one son in 8th grade and a daughter in 6th grade. So we were wanting 4 bedrooms and this house had 3 bedrooms with a room that would convert into a 4th. It was considered a 1800s farmhouse. It had a pantry, root cellar (which I thought would be so cool) when really it was just a room that we never frequented if we didn’t have to. There were 2 bedrooms upstairs, a landing hallway and wood stairs that led down to the downstairs which was our oldest’s bedroom, then a living room, what we called a “fire room”, then our long kitchen which had a wood stove in it, and counter bar.

“Florida room”

We then had the ‘Florida porch room’, sidenote why a house in New York state had a Florida like porch room I cannot tell you. We had it remodeled as an office and that was what I used to make soybean candles for my business. Then our bedroom which was a walk-thru to the bathroom, washer, and dryer.

Part of the kitchen before painting.

Looking at the photo above you can kind of see into where we made our bedroom (where the curtains show). That became our bedroom.

Emma the first week she lived with us. 2013
Zak 3 years old at the time

We lived in this house from August 12, 2008, until October 14, 2018. During this time all 3 of our kids graduated high school. Our oldest did 4 years in the Marine Corps, got married to his wife and we gained a granddaughter who at the time was 2 years old. And had another baby who is now 4 years old.

Our middle son graduated from college with a degree in auto mechanics and is living on his own. Our youngest left the area to go to college and graduated with a Bachelors’s in Psychology and now lives in NYC.

Top left to right: Lil’ Anne, Walker, Miley
Middle left: Homer, Middle right: Walker up close
Bottom: Lacey (Mom of Lil’Anne, Walker & Miley)

During our time in that house, we had 5 dogs at one time. A Bassett hound named Homer, and 4 Mountain Curs; Lacey (the Mom), Walker, Lil’ Anne aka Annie, and Miley.

Homer was the oldest and passed first. Then 3 years ago Lacey had to be put to sleep due to an abscess on her back area (at age 10). Walker then had to be put to sleep about 2 years after or so of Lacey because he was having a renal failure at the age of 10 years old. Lil’ Anne passed away in her sleep during our house fire. Miley was let out by a passerby only to have to be put to sleep 2 weeks to the day after the fire. She was suffering from smoke inhalation and over 40 tick bites from when she ran away during the fire. She was only gone 2 nights but that is all that it took.

So in a nutshell that is the past 10 years my pre-50s period so to speak as I turned 50 January 11, 2019.


  1. It sounds like you had a pretty eventful life in your years there. I hope you have great years where you are now.

  2. So happy for you but yet so sad for for all the furbaby losses. They too are our kids. Sounds like you raised some fine boys. Thank you so much for sharing this

  3. I loved hearing your story! We’ve lived in 10 houses in the 46 years we’ve been married. I have memories of all them.

  4. Emma is just a cute little princess. Nice house. I love that old fashion fire place. If when I get a house I need a fire place because I am always cold.

  5. Bless you heart, it is hard to go through as much as y’all went through, I am glad you are all safe and healthy, hang in there, it will get better

  6. Love it!! my parents home that they had was built in 1924 as of 2017 a business took over to build and firefighters used the home for practice. I so wish my childhood home was still around!

  7. We are thinking of buying a bigger house soon. We went from a 14 room home down to a 6 room home and now we find its too small. I just want an extra bedroom and a craft room.

  8. I’m glad to read/learn that while you were keeping your budget in mind while searching, you did not settle for a “dump”! Thank you for sharing your story, and the beautiful photos as well!

  9. So many memories associated with the houses that we live in. I still think about the memories I had in my old houses.

  10. Thank you for sharing your story of your family and the farmhouse that helped shaped you all. I am sorry for your pet losses. They can be so hard!

  11. We bought a home last year in a wonderful neighborhood! I love making memories here with my family!

  12. Next week will be my husband and I’s 5th anniversary and we’ve been renting the entire time we’ve been together (9 years total).. We are just now getting our finances in order and preparing to go down this same road.. Love the history <3

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