Joyce Had Knee Surgery-So No Shared Heart Video This Week

Dear Shared Heart Friends,

We need to skip this week’s video. Joyce had her total knee surgery replacement last Tuesday. She is immersed in the healing process, which involves a delicate balance of just enough narcotic pain pills to cover her pain, but not too much because of how sick they make her feel. She’s allergic to NSAIDs like ibuprofen, so she’s limited to Tylenol and generic-coated aspirin. Besides the pain and nausea, she still shines with divine light and is a joy to care for.

We look forward to sending out the following video on March 19. And we’re very grateful for all your prayers and well-wishes.

For anyone: Singing/Chanting Evening March 24 Santa Cruz
For couples: Summer Couples Retreat June 22-25 Aptos

Many blessings,

Barry and Joyce

If you missed our last Shared Heart Video Message, it is here.


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