October 1, 2020
Clean Home without Stress

Keeping a Clean Home without Stress While Working Fulltime

Working long hours is an extremely exhausting task. Most of the time, when you get home, you want to go straight to relaxing and sleeping because you’re so tired. Not having a clean home will only stress you out more than your job already does, so keeping your house tidy without having to spend long hours doing it will alleviate your stress and make you feel more happy and relaxed overall. 
Start by making a plan – this could be a to-do list, a weekly calendar that you put up on the fridge, a note tab on your phone, etc. Put down on this list what you need to get done around the house.

By doing this, you’ll feel like you’re being held accountable for your actions. You’re going to be more likely to get your stuff done this way than if you try to keep it in your head.

Don’t try to clean it all in one day, because you’ll be way more stressed if all of your free time is dedicated to chores. It’s also likely that if you clean it all at once, you won’t do a very good job because you’ll get tired and sick of cleaning.

Pick different rooms to focus on each day, and if the mess is too overwhelming in one room, pick one section of it to clean up. Cleaning is a boring thing to do, and it gets old fast.

Try listening to music or a podcast (I have listed 6 good ones below) while cleaning to make it a little more enjoyable. Try a new method without having a schedule. This could be something as simple as picking something up every time you stand up.

Your family could also help getting the house clean. Give everyone a list of tasks to do – again, it could be on a phone, a calendar, or a personal list for each family member. Everyone can help, even if you have toddlers.

They can help by simply picking up their toys and putting them back where they belong or in a big toy box. Try to make it a game for them. Any ounce of help means less stress put onto you.
Maintaining a tidy home is crucial to your ability to relax and stay happy, but sometimes working long hours gets in the way of that. Cleaning doesn’t have to be something that’s done in one day, though, so you can choose from multiple different ways to keep things clean. Make sure your plan is flexible with your work hours, and that you keep things to a level where you won’t become stressed and overwhelmed.


  1. I struggle with this.. I see the house as a whole and want to tackle everything at once..and then, I get so overwhelmed I want to scream.

  2. I’ve found making a list for each day something to clean reduces stress. I divide the list with my mom and child.

  3. I absolutely hate cleaning my home, but I like to see the finished product. Thanks for the tips to make it less miserable.

  4. I have a set amount of things I do on a daily basis. That way I am not overwhelmed on the weekend. Great tips!

  5. Thanks for the great info! I try to focus on one room at a time and clean from top to bottom. Just picking one room at a time makes it not seem so overwhelming.

  6. Thanks for some good advice on reducing the stress from household chores. With COVID-19 situation, many are working from home so things might be better. But once people return to work, then the stress levels may rise again.

  7. I have a hard time with this, and usually spend the weekend cleaning unfortunately. Great tips, anything is helpful so that I can have more time for rest and relaxation on the weekend.

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