January 19, 2021
unorganized home

Living in an Unorganized Home Can Wreak Havoc on Your Life

When you’re working eight hours a day, you can sometimes feel like you have no time to clean your home because it’s a time-consuming task. However, coming home and trying to work or relax in a messy environment will only stress you out more.

An Unorganized Home is an Unhappy Home

You need to keep your living space somewhat tidy so that you can come home to a nice and relaxing area. Start by organizing your workspace, whether it’s at home or in an office.

Organizing your workspace in an office will relieve stress at work by knowing where everything is. If you work at home, make sure you’re not working in one of the most used rooms in your house, like your living room.

If you don’t have a home office, try to have a space that’s designated to work only, as a desk in your room. Keep your bedroom clean to make sure that when you go in there, you can be as relaxed as possible.

Organize Your Mess for Less Stress

Your bedroom should be your space where you can relax, not a place where you can’t find anything or a place where you have to navigate your way around without tripping on anything because your floor is so messy. 
This means you should keep your closet tidy, too. Whether you’re storing items in there or just using it for clothing, you need to make sure that you can reduce stress by not having to rummage through the mess in order to find something. 
Your kitchen is one of the places you go to take time away from work. If you have a pile of dishes that need to be done, you’re going to be focused on getting that done on top of other chores, which will only stress you out more.

Try using a method that involves washing your dish each time you bring it to the sink, in order to reduce the mess. Keep your fridge and freezer organized as well, so you won’t have to get frazzled by searching through tons of food.

Do this by throwing away items you and your family don’t use anymore, or items that may be expired. Keep your bathroom tidy so that you can focus on self-care and hygiene.

Keep Your Bathroom Tidy

Your bathroom is where you often do things like apply face masks, makeup, and hair styling. Taking a relaxing bath is also a common stress reliever, and trying to bathe in a dirty or cluttered environment is anything but relaxing.

Make sure your counter is clean as well, to keep all of your products from getting mixed up. Have designated areas for certain things, like a place for makeup or self-care items, a place for hair styling products, and a place for hygienic items like your toothbrush and toothpaste.
Your home should be a place where you get rid of all your stress and worries from work. Waking up and coming home to an unorganized place will only stress you out more. Make sure you keep everything in an area where you can find it so that leaving from and coming back to your home never leaves you frazzled and upset.


  1. yes with school being out and everyone home its been a total wreck here but with the weather now nice we are going to spring clean if it kills all of us

  2. I do NOT like disorganization! It makes me feel incompetent. I should know where, what, and how things are done and going on in my house!! Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

  3. This is so true. I have been slowly organizing my house during the stay at home orders. I made a huge list and have gotten most of it done.

  4. For me the first thing I need to do before starting a project is to get things cleaned up and organized. It helps me to stay focused and not get stressed.

  5. I have always been obsessed with organizing & it irritates me if things don’t have a place to go

  6. I totally agree that a messy home brings enormous stress. With the lockdown into the third month I have been organizing closets, cabinets, basement and garage with my husband. Practically every nook and cranny has been cleaned. Now, we just need to get rid of the stress and anxiety that lingers with the Coronavirus.

  7. I cannot clean by myself as I have a disability and do the best I can. No money to hire a cleaner so the home stays as it is most of the time.

  8. Right now I’ve been cleaning a lot. I have more time so we are cleaning and organizing so much more.

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