My Rhymes and Reasons by Greg Asimakoupoulos

My Rhymes and Reasons – A Tribute to the Kid from Kansas

He modeled how the right and left can work together

Like the pineapple
with which we typically associate the name of Dole,
the kid from Russell, Kansas
could be prickly on the outside.

Bob Dole knew how to protect himself.
He had a sharp wit.
He did not suffer fools gladly.
But once you got inside his skin,
you’d quickly discover that
he was as sweet as they come.
This wounded veteran from middle America,
empathized with the common man.
This admired Senator was a born leader.
He became an American hero.

A man who spoke his mind,
Bob had the innate ability
to dole out both criticisms
and affirmations when deserved.

But unlike Paul Hollywood
(of The Great British Bakeoff fame),
this one whose death we grieve today
would never extend the right hand of fellowship.
His injuries from a righteous war
left him with the use of his right side.
Bob would have to learn to write with a hand
that had never previously held a pen.

This remarkable man would also teach us
what it meant to be ambidextrous in terms of relationship.
He was a capable of friendship with those
on both sides of the aisle.

Did I mention that a woman
by the name of Elizabeth
became the queen of his heart?
And from this earthly monarch,
Bob discovered what it meant
to submit to the rule of Heaven’s King.
As a loyal subject,
this kid from Kansas came to understand
what it means to be a child of God.

Peace to his memory!

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