My Life as a Clay Pigeon

my life as a clay pigeon

This Veteran's Day 11-11 We Present to You the Inspiring True Story of Vernon T. Blucher in ''My Life as a Clay Pigeon'' the audiobook version of his handwritten journal about his World War II experiences recorded shortly before his passing.

Daily Devotional with Pastor Greg 

Providing hopeful insights in uncertain times, Pastor Greg’s eloquent way with words provides a daily encounter with grace and encouragement that you won’t want your day to pass without.

Dr. Willie Jolley’s Motivational Minute

Willie Jolley is an author, radio host, speaker, singer, and media personality. Best known for his motivational best-selling book, It Only Takes A Minute To Change Your Life.

willie jolley

Dr. Willie Jolley’s Motivational Minute – Easter Monday

In this video, Dr. Willie Jolley explains the real power of Easter and how it impacts your future! For more

willie jolley

Dr. Willie Jolley’s Motivational Minute – Success Lessons Toni Morrison

Nobel Prize and Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist, editor, and professor, Toni Morrison, began her writing career near age 40! Here’s why

willie jolley

Dr. Willie’s Motivational Minute – Success Lessons From Althea Gibson

From the public city tennis courts to the New York City Open. Here’s how outworking everyone can bring you success

willie jolley

How to Come Back From Crisis with Dr. Willie

Dr. Willie Jolley shares strategies on how businesses can “come back” virtually from the coronavirus crisis. Contact Dr. Jolley to

willie jolley

Dr. Willie Jolley’s Motivational Minute – with Erica Campbell

 – Success Lessons from Erica Campbell Does your “pretty have power and purpose” to go with it? Here’s how Grammy

Shared Heart

Joyce and Barry Vissell, founders of The Shared Heart Foundation and original students of famed ”Dr. Love” Leo Buscaglia, Ph.D. share their frequent video inspiration and musical stylings. Check back as new content is added very frequently!

Something Wonderful

Karolyn Grimes provides short, insightful thoughts into the issues of the day and always finds that ”something wonderful” is always happening no matter how dark or difficult things may appear.

Zuzu Project

Karolyn’s curated pay-it-forward and random acts of kindness videos show there is still plenty of good and good people in the world. Watch at least a video a day to keep bad feelings away and see creative ways you can make someone’s day brighter!