Problem-Solving Skills: Brainstorming May Be One of the Oldest

Brainstorming may be one of the oldest problem-solving skills in the world. That makes it more critical. It works and works well, which is why it is still around. It also means that it is essential for you to master if you are trying to improve your problem-solving skills.

It is easy to brainstorm, but it can be challenging to brainstorm correctly. It is because humans naturally tend to edit and censor themselves while thinking. That is the opposite of what you are supposed to do while brainstorming! You will need to keep this tendency in check to master brainstorming.

Follow These Steps When You Want to Use Brainstorming for Your Problem-Solving Skills.

1.) Get Your Tools Ready
If you are brainstorming by yourself (you can do this, but it is better to do it with another person or people), all you need is a notebook and pen or a computer with an open document for typing. However, whiteboards are better for this process and are almost indispensable for group brainstorming sessions.

2.) State The Problem Clearly
Write the problem down so you and everyone else in the group can see it well. Be clear about what the problem is. State it as simply as possible. Do not add qualifications, appendices, or anything else that would muddy the issue. Ideally, you need a single, short sentence describing what you are trying to do.

3.) Set A Timer and Start Writing Down Ideas
The timer is an essential part of the process. How long should you brainstorm? It depends on your group, the problem, and your time. Five to ten minutes might be enough if you work alone or it is a simple problem. Ten to twenty minutes is usually better.

While the timer runs, write down every idea. No one can be negative or censor any opinion during the session. It ruins the flow and the process.

4.) Go Through The Ideas
After the timer stops, go through all the ideas the group generated and see which ones might be viable. Then, you will take these ideas and explore them further.

When is Brainstorming Useful to Use?

Brainstorming is helpful for many different situations. It is convenient for class projects such as science projects, whether group projects or just projects for two people. It can be used for something as small as redesigning an area in your household or larger as throwing a 50th Anniversary for your parents. Using brainstorming isn’t always left to work/school-related activities.

That is all there is to brainstorming. The difficulty lies in not censoring yourself, as noted before. Nevertheless, some of the past’s best ideas have come from brainstorming sessions.

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