Social Justice: How You Can Make a Difference by Lynn Bogen Sanders

While reading Social Justice: How You Can Make a Difference by Lynn Bogen Sanders it really opened my eyes. I never realized how many kids were already making a difference in our world.

Disclosure: I received a copy of this book in exchange for my review. All opinions are 100% mine.

Twelve Year Old Iqbal Masih

The book starts out with a story that kept my attention right away. Craig Kielburger who was twelve years old at the time this book was written came across a photo of Iqbal Masih when he was age 12. Iqbal was sold into slavery at the age of 4 which made Craig want to learn more about Iqbal Masih’s life. This also is what triggered Craig into wanting to help other kids. You will have to read Lynn Bogen Sanders’s book to learn more about this heartwarming story.

How to Get Started with Making a Change

This book gives you step-by-step examples of how to find a problem you want to make a change with. It includes five steps to follow when developing your plan from start to finish.

The five steps include:

  1. Brainstorm Problems
  2. Brainstorm Ideas and Pick a Cause (it is important to pick a cause that is interesting and something that will keep your interest and possibly close to your heart).
  3. Research as much as possible. You are going to want to be as much as an expert on this subject as you can. People will want to ask you questions so you will want to be prepared to answer them.
  4. Set a Goal and Make a Plan. Now that you have your goal make sure it isn’t too broad. This book will explain to you how to narrow it down and make it achieveable.
  5. Put Your Plan Into Action. Now that you have all of your ideas it is time to put them together. You want to take your plan and get it into action, alive and out there.

Be Excited

Take this project on with positivity, excitement, and a huge smile. This will attract people to want to help you. They will want to contribute to your cause whether it be to donate supplies, money, or their time. When you help others, you will find others will want to help you too.

You can purchase the book below on Amazon (this is NOT an affiliate link).

About Lynn Bogen Sanders

Lynn Bogen Sanders, born on Chicago’s south side (1954) is the oldest of four children to first-generation Jewish parents who instilled a love of learning in their family. From her earliest days, Lynn loved writing her thoughts into poems, playing piano, and acting out musical songs from the record player.


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