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Trusting in God with Joyce and Barry Vissell 7.7.24

Dear Shared Heart Friends,

Here is a short video with a message about Trusting in God from Joyce and Barry and a song from Barry. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel if you like the video.

Joyce and Barry Vissell Jul 7, 2024

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Welcome to our home and more beautiful flowers. You know, I picked these out because I had this shirt on. So I don’t often do this, so I’m very coordinated with them, but not so much. No not so, but yeah they’re really beautiful, look at them, look at these guys. Ah, the roses, produs, and the Argentine lilies, well, there you go. I didn’t even know the name. I think that’s what they are somewhere in South America.

Yeah, yeah, so today’s little lesson is about trusting in God, and even though it’s taking a long time, know that there is a beautiful plan for you.

Many blessings,

Barry and Joyce

If you missed last week’s video, it is here.


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