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Two Mothers Named Elsie-A Special Rhymes and Reasons 6.6.23

Rhymes and Reasons

Two Mothers Named Elsie

A special story of two mothers named Elsie comes to us today from Greg’s website, My Rhymes and Reasons.

As we observe Mother’s Day once again this year, I’m mindful of a mother by the name of Elsie. Her parents chose that name when she was born ninety-six years ago.

Barely five feet tall, Elsie was a giant in the lives of her two sons. She embraced motherhood with tiptoe enthusiasm. Her creative flair and hands-on joie de vivre left her mark on her family and all who knew her. Having had a fantastic mother herself, this mom took her cues from one who had quit school in third grade to help care for her eleven younger siblings on a farm in Kitsap County.

-Greg A.

Greg Asimakoupoulos is an ordained minister, freelance writer, and poet. He is the author of fourteen books and more than three hundred articles. In addition to writing a monthly “faith and values” column for three newspapers, he has written a weekly poetry blog (Rhymes and Reasons) since 2003.

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