Videos From Dr. Willie, Pastor Greg, and Shared Heart

These videos will be updated here as they are posted on the individual YouTube accounts. So, visit often to see what is new with each one of these YouTubers. These are videos from Dr. Willie, Pastor Greg, Joyce, and Barry Vissell. They contain My Rhymes and Reasons, Motivational Minute, and Shared Heart.

Join Dr. Willie Jolley’s Motivational Minute Videos

Shared Heart Videos

Joyce and Barry Vissell, founders of The Shared Heart Foundation and original students of famed ”Dr. Love” Leo Buscaglia, Ph.D., share their frequent videos of inspiration and musical stylings. Check back as new content is added very frequently!

Rhymes and Reasons by Greg Asimakoupoulos 

Greg Asimakoupoulos is an ordained minister, freelance writer, and poet. He is the author of fourteen books and more than three hundred articles. In addition to writing a monthly “faith and values” column for three newspapers, he has written a weekly poetry blog (Rhymes and Reasons) since 2003.

Something Wonderful 

Karolyn Grimes provides quick, insightful thoughts on the day’s issues and always finds that ”something wonderful” is always happening no matter how dark or difficult things may appear.

Click here for Something Wonderful Videos.