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Wrestling an Alligator, My Rhymes and Reasons 7.2.24

Wrestling an Alligator-7.2.24-My Rhymes and Reasons

Wrestling an Alligator… It’s Greg on a Tuesday, the 2nd of July, and for today’s My Rhymes and Reasons, I’m here outside of McDonald’s on Mercer Island by a statue that not many people know about. It’s a sculpture created years ago. This statue features a young man wrestling an alligator.

I don’t know the origin or backstory behind this, but it calls to mind our spiritual struggles. There are beasts with which we can contend all the time. A professor at Wheaton College referred to it as a signature sin, that sin that tends to trip us up more than any other Temptation. What it is for you may not be what it is for me, but we all struggle with those.

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